Vince Camuto believes that everyone should travel in style and comfort. Instead of focusing only on practical design components, we value individual fashion needs and preferences. If diversity makes us stronger as a people, we believe that approach should be included within each design. Every moment is a chance to express yourself! We help you achieve that goal, whether you’re headed down the street or to one of the furthest corners of our planet.


Founded by Vince Camuto (1936-2015), Camuto Group started in 2001 as a shoe design, development and distribution resource for retailers. Over the next 14 years, the company was expanded and diversified, licenses and partners were acquired, brands were introduced and the company was grown into a global business.



The target market for VC is women aged 25 to 45, but Camuto stresses that the VC woman is ageless.



Brands spans through 30 categories including footwear, sportswear, dresses, handbags, jewelry, swimwear, fragrances, luggage and menswear.
Camuto Group has presence in over 5,400 distribution points in more than 70 countries. Vince Camuto’s namesake line, a brand that embodies his passion, style and design innovation, has retail concepts around the globe.