• About Us

    Just Access is an extension of Offi International which was founded in 1981. Although Offi International has an extensive footprint in Central America, it is now starting its expansion into the North American market under Just Access. Just Access specializes in luggage, accessories, and small travel goods. With a plethora factories, a strong quality control team, and dedicated sourcing, the global distribution capacity of Just Access is unparalleled. Products are currently sold in nearly 20 countries, with items produced at varying price points to ensure every customer can get what they need to live a wondrous life.

    Just Access currently has active partnerships in Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Panama, Costa Rica, Brazil, Columbia, France, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.

How we
got there

We have established global partners over the last 40 years. Our strong partnerships coupled with an ability to adapt to current trends have turned us into one of the leaders in the accessories market worldwide. We constantly conduct market research to maintain our knowledge of customer trends and needs in order to select and position brands and thus expand our presence. Offices are currently maintained in New York, LATAM, and China.



Just Access takes pride in its unique capability of combining travel and fashion. Instead of focusing on only form or function like most brands in this space, we create innovative designs that anticipate travelers' needs. Whether you’re taking care of errands or flying to a destination half a world away, we want you to look and feel incredible with every step taken. There is no time like the present to embrace the wanderlust! When you give into that temptation, we’ll help you start to build beautiful memories.


Just Access targets the brands and businesses with the largest footprints and most extensive outreach capacities. While working with some of the most important names in the global lifestyle category, the goal is to position them through several channels while enhancing their social compliance. We want to make a difference through what we do, the brands we work with and the community we create. Understanding the wishes and needs of our customers are our top priority.

We know this trip will be memorable because we share the experience together.