Our Story

Jacob Rabi was born in a small town in Northern Morocco. The son of a barber, his family always had just enough.
He would be the first to attend college in his family, eventually earning a graduate degree in engineering.

Jacob met his wife after graduating and began to pursue the American dream.

It soon became apparent that being an entrepreneur was what Rabi was meant to do. After a brief stint in traditional employment, he decided to become a founder. As the business grew, the partnerships he developed opened even more opportunities until his company was working with some of today’s biggest brands.

Rabi thinks about his upbringing when working, so his company focuses on brands that want to make the world a better place through social and environmental responsibility. He then captures their identity to translate the experiences into a product offering.

Rabi and his wife have become a pillars in their community. Education has always been a priority for him and his family, which is why they fund a school for post-high school students.

One of Jacob’s life philosophies is based on this statement: “May your hand always be on the top and not the bottom.” He believes that everyone deserves an education. When you make the world a better place, it isn’t charity. It is a fulfillment of one’s responsibility.

His business continues to be successful, with over $20 million in annual sales.

Mr Rabi’s daughter, Ilana Auerbach is the current Executive Officer